Terms and Conditions of Business

These Terms and Conditions of Business are between The Meetings Recruitment and the Employer/ Client only.

The “Client” in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall mean the person, firm or company, or any associated company of the Client, following commencement of the introduction of a candidate/presentation of their details who shall be deemed to have accepted all statutory and other duties and obligations of employer as between himself and any person engaged whether under a contract of services or for services of an applicant introduced by the “Agency”, which in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall mean The Meetings Recruitment, of 1st Floor, Lansdowne House, 57 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6ER. However, fees are only payable if a candidate is successful and commences employment with the client.

  1. The word “Introduction” means the presentation of a candidate by the Agency to the Client for employment whether, or not, the Client knew of such candidate previous
  2. The fee is payable immediately the candidate is employed by the Client and upon receipt of our invoice whether at the time of interview or any later date within the following 12 months after the initial introduction and in whatever capacity the candidate is employed by the Client, Payment must be received within 14 days of receipt of our invoice.
  3. The “Introduction Fee”, payable by the Client shall be calculated in accordance with the scale detailed below. Salary is deemed to include the annual basic salary only. In the event, that any salary or employment is guaranteed for a period of less than12 months then annual salary will be calculated as if the payment or employment were guaranteed for the entire 12 months period and the introduction fee to be charged shall be calculated pro rata according to the proportion of a year for which payment or employment has been guaranteed.
  4. The Agency does not itself take up or establish references. The client shall notwithstanding satisfy itself as to the suitability of any candidate before making any appointment and shall take up any references provided by any candidate and/or the company engaging such candidate.  The client shall be responsible for obtaining work and other permits, for the arrangement of medical examinations and/or investigations into the medical history of any candidate and satisfies any medical and other requirements or qualifications required by law.
  5. The Agency can accept no liability of any kind for any loss or damage to property or for any other loss consequential or otherwise howsoever arising whether foreseeable or not, including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing loss of profits of any person or company or for any injury to persons arising directly from any act of omission of any candidate introduced by the Agency even if such act or omission is negligent, fraudulent or dishonest.
  6. No variation can be made to these terms without the written consent of the Agency.  In the event of alternations being made, this will be indicated on an attached cover letter/email/other form of correspondence and, as agreed by the client.
  7. It is important to note that the Agency does not recognize “trial periods”. However should the relevant employment terminate, before the expiry of up to 12 weeks, as listed in the rebate scale below, the relevant rebate will be allowed against the fee (save where a result of the candidate being made redundant by the Client on all accounts), for each complete week not actually worked provided that the Client notifies the Agency in writing, within 7 days of the termination of employment and has paid the company’s fee within 14 days of the date of invoice.  If, after the offer of engagement has been accepted by the Candidate, the Client decides for any reason not to proceed with the appointment, it shall be liable to pay the Agency the Minimum fee indicated on the Scale of Rebate.    
  8. The Meetings Recruitment is registered under the data protection act and conducts all business within set guidelines. Candidate information is provided to the Client on the understanding that this is in confidence and must not be passed to a third party. If the Client has a prior application for a specific candidate (however so received) then The Meetings Recruitment must be informed immediately.  Until a candidate has been offered a position and that offer has been finalized and accepted, the Client must not make direct contact with the candidate other than during interviews arranged by The Meetings Recruitment, or unless agreed with The Meetings Recruitment.

Scale of Permanent Fees and Scale of Rebate – please contact:  breda@the-meetings.com